Ac motors with a high rotation axis 63-355 mm
Aggregates hauling industry
Articles of leather and leather produced from bahtarmyannogo spilka, coats, jackets
Bags (sack) of polymeric materials
Bonds bolts and nuts
Children's fruit juice
Chill machine
Electricity geothermal power
Filament synthetic textile
Fiber hemp (including bass)
Forage fish products (fish, seafood, minced food waste and feed on fish cuts
For medium steel
Fresh frozen semi-finished and ready meals
Horseradish liquid
Home cheese
Industrial oils
Kumaronindenovye and petroleum resins
Lime technology
Meat balls
Mill mine
Oilcloth fabric based
Oilcloth fabric based
Parts for electrical equipment
Product needle-platinum
Proportion of advanced coatings in total production of paints and varnishes
Quilted blankets incl. children
Radio and magnitoradioly
Rail welding machine prsm-3
Reinforced concrete pylons and communication elements catenary electrified roads and lighting networks
Remanufactured parts for cars
School desks and sets of school desks (trade)
Semiconductor diodes
Sectional steel
Steel tubes by type: oil pipeline, seamless
Sulfur dioxide
Tape of precision alloys
Talcum powder
Tomato (juice, beverage, pasta, mashed potatoes and sauces)
Tv color image
Wall smaller blocks of cellular concrete


                  Universal containers with a gross mass of 20 tons and more

Subject: Production in Russia
Parameter: Universal containers with a gross mass of 20 tons and more
Unit: Pcs
Source: Rosstat
Size: 11
Format: PNG
Dimensions: 493*273
Charts - Production in Russia - Universal containers with a gross mass of 20 tons and more


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