Aluminum barrel
Armco (unalloyed)
Articles of leather and leather produced from bahtarmyannogo spilka, coats, jackets
Automatic watering for pigs
Bags (no children, field and special)
Beams and channels over n18
Billet for rolling on the export
Bulldozers mounted on tractors other companies
Cast iron
Cementing units with discharge pressure 320 atmospheres and above
Ceramic tile flooring
Children's cotton shirts
Condensed milk with sugar
Drying machines for leather
Elektrorostery, electric toasters
Fabric, cotton blended with polyester investment and high-viscose fibers
Fat yogurt
Fishing rope
Flour, wheat-rye (vitaminized)
Flat wooden pallets
Generators for steam and gas turbines
Hydraulic turbines
Lines for the production of cottage cheese separately with output 2,5 t / h
Liquid oil asphalt road
Machine obtyazhno-delayed
Metalworking tools, produced by specialized factories
Mezdrilnye machine
Modular automated transportable boiler
Mustard liquid
National drinks infusions and compositions of local raw materials
Parts recovered
Planing machines
Processing equipment for ferrous metallurgy
Product switching
Roll on teplozvukoizoliruyuschey underlying basis
Seafood food produced without the work of fishing vessels
Spare parts for dyeing and finishing equipment
Stereo tape
Steam boilers with capacity from 0,4 up to 1 ton of steam per hour
Steam boilers producing 640 tons of steam per hour
Timber used in construction
Tissue with the use of chemical fibers
Wire ropes (rope)


                  Remanufactured parts for cars

Subject: Production in Russia
Parameter: Remanufactured parts for cars
Unit: Million rubles
Source: Rosstat
Size: 9
Format: PNG
Dimensions: 481*273
Charts - Production in Russia - Remanufactured parts for cars


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