Acrylonitrile (acrylonitrile)
Alcohol from raw food raw
Antibiotics derived microbiologically
Backhoe bucket capacity 1,0 cubic meters
Cast-in terms of pig
Cedar - 1200
Chill machine
Circular machines
Cotton trousers (clothing)
Crane-boring machine
Digital equipment and fiber-optic transmission systems :30-channel terminal
Dishwashing machines
Glass building
Heat supplied by recycling facilities
Houses made of light metal structures of complete delivery
Insulation products from foam
Jerseys for toddlers
Lacquers, enamels, primers and fillers on the polymerization resins
Machine shaft loading side dump bucket
Meat, including offal 1 category of raw material of public resources
Methyl chloride
Modular automated transportable boiler
Multimikrotest for identification of enterobacteria (mmt-n)
Nicotinic acid (vitamin pp, including nicotinamide)
Pin safety: english
Pipes, including gas pipelines
Pipe with heat-hardened
Plucked mica
Products from polymeric materials obtained by using radiation technology
Reinforced glass
Recovered wool
Rye - wheat flour
Skimmed milk
Snow machines
Spare parts for aggregates condensing freon cooling capacity up to 2,5 tys.kkal / h
Spring-type terminals zhbr
Spare parts for dyeing and finishing equipment
Spare parts for metallurgical equipment
Steel sandwich wall panel
Steam turbine capacity of 140 tys.kvt
Synthetic filament film
Tank specialized


                  Structural hot-rolled steel sheet (4 mm)

Subject: Production in Russia
Parameter: Structural hot-rolled steel sheet (4 mm)
Unit: Million t
Source: Rosstat
Size: 11
Format: PNG
Dimensions: 529*273
Charts - Production in Russia - Structural hot-rolled steel sheet (4 mm)


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