Ac motors with high rotation axis 63-355mm
Backhoe bucket capacity 1,0 cubic meters
Cellulose commodity from softwood
Costumes vlagovetrozaschitnye
Crushers, shredders stalked feeds
Devices, automation equipment and spare parts
Drugs used in obstetric practice
Electric industry
Fabric of carded wool
Food concentrates lunch dishes
For synthetic veneer
For care of the cars, motorcycles, bicycles
Frozen dairy goods (dumplings with cottage cheese and pancakes with cottage cheese, cheese cakes, etc.)
Ftopdixlopmetah (gxfu - 21)
Gasket and seals from the
Gas 3308
Glass thickened dimensional
Immunoassay test system for determining the allergen-human immunoglobulin
Lighting-cords with copper and bimetallic residential
Microwave ovens (in terms of supply of commercial organizations)
Non-fat dry milk, whole milk replacer, and dry whey from raw state resources
Processing equipment for oil and fat industry in actual prices (net of vat and excise)
Pyrolysis of raw materials
Ready to rent (excluding production from raw material and hire, which went on industrial production needs of the manufacturer)
Rf-cable with a teflon-insulated
Rural automatic telephone stations with program management
S software tools
Silk blends of fibers shirts and dresses with a surface density of up to 110g
Silk thread
Sleepers and translated boards
Spare parts for railway transport
Special equipment for nuclear power plants
Supplies and devices to the universal lathes
T -402.01
Teflon and ftorosopolimery
Technological equipment and spare parts for logging, sawmill and timber rafting
Tt - 4m -04
Turbine capacity of 12 tys.kvt
Universal containers with a gross mass of 20 tons and more
Weaving machines
Woolen clothes - children


                  Oil for tractors and automobiles

Subject: Production in Russia
Parameter: Oil for tractors and automobiles
Unit: Thousand t
Source: Rosstat
Size: 9
Format: PNG
Dimensions: 481*273
Charts - Production in Russia - Oil for tractors and automobiles


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