Basis for photo paper
Cable products (without tow-colored)
Chandeliers and suspensions
Collapsible buildings and premises
Cookware galvanized steel
District heating hot water boilers with capacity up to 10 gcal / hour (from 4 and above)
Drilling pumps
Electric industry
Electric oven
Enzyme preparations
Ethyl technical hydrolysis
Fruit juices
Glass furniture
Group of severe tissue
Grp and products iznih
Gustotertye oil paints
Hydro-refining of kerosene and diesel fuel
Instruments and apparatus optical-mechanical (without optics cultural and domestic purposes)
Low-sulfur diesel fuel with sulfur content of 0.1% and below
Low-sulfur diesel fuel with sulfur content of 0.1% and below
Metal cutting tool of mineral ceramics
Mmp-4504, 45067 (gp 5,5 m)
Nozzle acid
Pans drawer cardboard
Pipe tubing with special high-thread connections
Polyarylates (granulated)
Portland cement with plasticizer
Products art weaving in selling prices
Selikotsirkony 40%
Smoked fish
Snow loaders for urban and utilities
Sofa bed
Spare parts for equipment for the building materials industry
Spare parts for commercial refrigeration equipment maintenance needs
Summer subgroup
Sulfite liquidity
Textile auxiliary substances
Typesetting machine
Uaz - 3162
Water-gas pipes
White spirit
Wooden houses and log houses
Wooden boards for turnout wide gauge railways


                  Washing machines

Subject: Production in Russia
Parameter: Washing machines
Unit: Thousand pcs
Source: Rosstat
Size: 9
Format: PNG
Dimensions: 481*273
Charts - Production in Russia - Washing machines


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