Alcohol varnishes and lacquers
Antibiotics (ready-made forms)
Anesthesia and respiratory devices
Automatic looms
Backhoe shovels with bucket capacities ranging from 0,275 to 3,2 m?
Bathroom taps
Bed linen
Boilers pischevarochnye
Buses marz
Carbamide-ammonia mixture (cas)
Cotton jacket of water-repellent fabric
Cognac and brandy drinks
Compressor and turbine oils
Electric musical instruments keyboards
Electrolytic chromium metal
Flour, wheat-rye (vitaminized)
Fresh frozen vegetables
Geophysical instruments and equipment on vehicles
Gypsum, lime, construction, chalk in the packaging of 5-10 kg (in terms of supply commercial organizations)
Karbamidnofuranovye resin
Knives, forks and spoons of stainless steel cutlery
Linen white and half-white tight
Lighting cords
Linen and fabric ready penkodzhutovye
Meat of sea animals forage
Multimikrotest for identification of enterobacteria (mmt-n)
Notebook general
Pipes, including gas pipelines
Product installation
Purifying equipment ipyleulavlivayuschee
Radial tires (type p) for agricultural machinery
Roach, roach
Salted herring
Semi-finished meat and food products
Semi-natural lumpy
Sheet with special properties (4 mm)
Stamping (hot)
Steel channels
Steel welded
Sugar from imported raw state resources
Synthetic rubber
Synthetic dyes
Treatments for neuropsychiatric diseases
Turbine capacity of 12 tys.kvt
Uaz-3303-01 (gp 0,8 m)
Woolen clothes - children
Woolen fabric finished, commodity production



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Source: Rosstat
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Charts - Production in Russia - Players


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