Aggregates air heating
Assorted tool steel carbon
Automatic and semiautomatic for arc and electroslag welding and surfacing, incomplete sources of supply
Bags (no children, field and special)
Buses with diesel engines
Calico group
Cakes, pies and donuts
Cakes and pastries
Cargo truck 1,5-8 tons
Children's bicycles with pneumatic tires
Clothes for infants
Costumes winterized for winter sports
Commercial court
Commodity food fish products, including canned fish
Devices for research
Digital equipment and fiber-optic transmission systems :120-channel terminal
Excavators with bucket capacity of 4 cubic meters and more
Feed mixtures
Kerosene lighting
Machine testorazdelochnye
Mats of mineral wool, reinforced with metal mesh
Mills for the building materials industry
Mica radio components
Motor oil
Paints and varnishes progressive
Polyamides (6,6.6,6.10,12-base mark)
Portland cement for the production of asbestos-cement products
Purifying equipment ipyleulavlivayuschee
Refining crude oil
Reinforcing steel bars with
Sevilla (a copolymer of ethylene and vinyl acetate)
Shaped products
Sizing machine
Silk blends of fibers shirts and dresses with a surface density of up to 110g
Small cheese brine
Socks men
Special equipment for nuclear power plants
Steel drums (200 liter basis)
Sugar sugar
Teflon and ftorosopolimery
Tractors, wheeled
Tulle curtains



Subject: Production in Russia
Parameter: Balers
Unit: Pcs
Source: Rosstat
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Format: PNG
Dimensions: 481*273
Charts - Production in Russia - Balers


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