Abrasive tool for all bundles
Amine salt of 2,4-d 50%
Assorted tool steel for medium
Basis for coated abrasives
Cakes and pastries
Cables pilot block (in this calculation)
Cellulose (for cooking), including semi-chemical)
Cheese packaged
Columns of hot water for baths
Drums and wooden reels
Eggs produced without on-board fishing vessels
Electrical appliances
Equipment for the commercial processing of vegetables, fruit, potatoes
Fresh frozen fruit and berries
Grp pipes
Household personal computers (in terms of supply commercial organizations)
Industrial valves latches, locks and locking assemblies, steel
Oilfield equipment, drilling exploration and spare parts
Paints, varnishes, primers, fillers silicate
Phenol synthetic and coal-crystal
Products without stone (earrings, pendants, rings, etc.)
Product installation
Premises of container type (including cars, houses)
Press-bending with rotary bending beam
Rail welding machine prsm-3
Refining crude oil
Rent with heat-hardened
Sold skimmed and buttermilk
Station for the comprehensive mechanization of finishing works
Steel ingots
Styrene copolymers smes
Synthetic yarn for cord fabric and technical articles
Synthetic rubbers special
Technological equipment for the cement industry
Tile acid and termokislotoupornye
Tile cement-sand
Tvs manufactured under license from foreign companies using imported components
Tv's black-and-white image
Water artificially mineralized
Women's linen products in cotton and mixed yarn


                  Digital equipment and fiber-optic transmission systems :120-channel terminal

Subject: Production in Russia
Parameter: Digital equipment and fiber-optic transmission systems :120-channel terminal
Unit: Stations
Source: Rosstat
Size: 9
Format: PNG
Dimensions: 691*273
Charts - Production in Russia - Digital equipment and fiber-optic transmission systems :120-channel terminal


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