Bath cheese
Batting woven and knitted (pure wool and half-woolen)
Barley from the state grain
By the volgograd tractor factory im.f.e.dzerzhinskogo
Cast iron
Cardboard by type: water-resistant upholstery
Chains of gold and silver
Chrome leather goods
Cheese and cottage cheese lean mass syrkovaya
Cotton finished
Cookware steel enamel
Doughnuts products
Egg powder
Electric water heaters (for the supply of commercial organizations)
Fabrics of synthetic fibers
Forging machines and rollers
Furnaces for sausage production
Hammer crusher
Jackets warm (including skiing), wind, wind-and similar articles, knitted or crocheted, women's or girls
Juices, nectars, juice drinks and vegetable baby food ovoschefruktovye
Krill feed
Materials and products, produced on the basis of synthetic resins and plastics: polymer membranes
Machines for smoothing and doubling of parts of uppers
Mats of mineral wool, reinforced with metal mesh
Machines for cotton spinning pneumomechanical
Means for bleaching, and podsinivaniya podkrahmalivaniya products from tissues
Meat packed (without poultry)
Non-metallic construction materials
Oil pipelines, electric-tube (diameter 114-480 mm) enamelled
Plucked string instruments
Porternye tissue
Port and service-razezdnye (cutters, boats, etc.)
Seafood food produced without the work of fishing vessels
Single-spindle automatic lathes
Skimmed milk
Small fishing trawlers 300 hp
Stuffing food
Styrene copolymers smes
Sulphite unbleached
Submersible centrifugal and screw pumps for oil production in corrosion-resisting
Synthetic yarn for cord fabric and technical articles
Synthetic corundum
Tb drugs
Textile auxiliary substances
Vaz-2105, 2107 and modification
Zil-mmz-4952 (metallovoz)


                  Rolled metal smelted in the furnaces of plasma-arc remelting

Subject: Production in Russia
Parameter: Rolled metal smelted in the furnaces of plasma-arc remelting
Unit: T
Source: Rosstat
Size: 10
Format: PNG
Dimensions: 595*273
Charts - Production in Russia - Rolled metal smelted in the furnaces of plasma-arc remelting


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