Bandages and ring
Bulldozers thrust class 10t
Car handling
Combine harvesters (complete)
Crane crawler
Cylinders-normal (average capacity)
Derivatives of vinyl acetate
Diesel oil groups, d, e, e
Drawing transparent paper
Electricity is nuclear power
Feldspathic material and kvartspolevoshpatovy ground (gost 7030-75)
Forage harvesters
Forgings (excluding forgings from ingots)
Leather and fur in selling prices
Lidocaine hydrochloride 2% solution, 2 ml
Local installation for water and wastewater
Material of high strength gypsum binder
Machines for molding materials
Means of synthetic detergents (in small packaging)
Nonwoven materials such as tissue
Paints, varnishes, primers, fillers silicate
Processing equipment for the production of chemical fibers and spare parts
Quilted blankets incl. children
Radio and magnitoradioly
Sodium nitrite (crystalline and liquid)
Spare parts for oil and drilling exploration equipment
Special technological equipment for personal needs (including the products of its own mill kostroeniya)
Sterilized milk for infants
Steam boilers producing 210 tons of steam per hour
Steel, smelted duplex process (vip + var)
Steam boilers producing 420 tons of steam per hour
Steel, smelted in the furnace by vacuum induction melting
Steklodrot medical trade
Steels subjected to furnace evacuation
Synthetic ammonia on units in the unit capacity of 400-450 tons per year and above
Tempered glass (stalin) in the conventional calculation (2mm)
Truck-go with hydraulic yn 10tonn and above
Tubes gazlifnyh systems (resistant to hydrogen sulfide)
Viscose and acetate
Women's and children's hats


                  Boring Machines

Subject: Production in Russia
Parameter: Boring Machines
Unit: Pcs
Source: Rosstat
Size: 10
Format: PNG
Dimensions: 481*273
Charts - Production in Russia - Boring Machines


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