Ammonium sulfate, sodium
Based burst and boxed
Bread wheat flour varieties podolsky
Canned meat stewed
Carbon dioxide
Cars tankers and tankers for liquefied and compressed gases
Centrifugal pumps nutrient
Chilled (excluding herring), not produced on board fishing vessels
Cigarette leaf
Cocoa powder (trade edition)
Conveyor belt
Control cables with aluminum core
Cranes mixers
Crushers, shredders stalked feeds
Electric radiators and electric convectors
Elektrogladilnye machines household
Equipment for moving cargo in the trade and public catering
Fish fillets ice cream (without herring), produced on board fishing vessels
Food salt extra
Harvesters yenisei-1200-1m with stacker
Harrow tooth
Hockey sticks
Lime technology
Machines for ballasting works
Machine semeochistitelnye
Microbial plant protection products (in terms of titer dendrobacillin 30 mlrd.sp / h)
Mica industrial raw
Normal-lighting bulbs (for the supply of commercial organizations)
Pastries made of wheat flour varieties podol'skaya weighing 500 grams or less
Poultry packed
Pulled tube bearing
Rake tractor
Rack bottomhole friction (mechanical)
Radiopaque and other diagnostic tools
Rolled tube bearing
Spare parts for diesels
Steam boilers with capacity from 0,4 to 10 tons of steam per hour
Sugar refined in the shallow packing
Support and technical and non-self-propelled vessels
Synthetic diamonds
Thin-walled tubes svertnye
Threaded pipe oil range with special compounds
Tin plate (including chromium)
Weaving machines mikrochelnochnye (such as stb)



Subject: Production in Russia
Parameter: Boots
Unit: Million steam
Source: Rosstat
Size: 10
Format: PNG
Dimensions: 481*273
Charts - Production in Russia - Boots


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