Aggregates such as the cns and water injection in oil reservoirs
Ammonium nitrate
Assembly of trucks from imported components and parts
Billet axis and forge
Butter from raw materials of public resources
Cash registers with fiscal memory
Cable products for the weight of copper, with copper conductors
Cellulose (for cooking), including semi-chemical)
Commodity food fish production without canned fish
Coats faux fur
Controls the size in engineering
Equipment for mechanized welding methods
Fat cheese (including cheese) from raw materials of public resources
Film materials
Head scarves
Honey wine and drinks
Hydroelectricity common
Immunoassay test system for detection of antibodies to cytomegalovirus
Knitted fabric, commodity production
Liquid complex fertilizers (hcs)
Metalized iron ore pellets
Metal doors
Milk, 1% and 1,5% fat
Oxygen-converter steel
Pipes, including gas pipelines
Polyarylates (granulated)
Positive diazo photosensitive paper
Propane (propane fraction)
Raw material for micaceous
Reinforced tires and rings
Sinter blast
Small power transformers
Spare parts for power equipment, parts and assemblies for the modernization of equipment of power
Steel reinforcing class a-2 (without low-alloy)
Sulfate slag cement
Timber, including sawn timber from raw material
Trucks with diesel engines
Turbine power 16 tys.kvt
Vegetable oil from the raw material of public resources
Welded pipes of large diameter (over 480 mm)
Wire hose


                  Glass fiber thermoplastics

Subject: Production in Russia
Parameter: Glass fiber thermoplastics
Unit: T
Source: Rosstat
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Format: PNG
Dimensions: 481*273
Charts - Production in Russia - Glass fiber thermoplastics


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