Air conditioners, domestic
Asbestos sheets (slate)
Boiled sausages
Boilers continuous
Bus transportation for the hip
Cables pilot block (in this calculation)
Chromium cast iron balls
Coats faux fur for adults
Coking equipment (no cars tripper)
Ethyl sulfite technology
Facing products made of natural stone
Fruit juices reconstituted from two or more kinds of fruit
Grape wine materials raw
Heating radiators, cast iron
High-strength steel wire for concrete
High-voltage electrical apparatus
Houses made of light metal structures of complete delivery
Hydrocarbons, aliphatic, aromatic, alicyclic and their simple derivatives
Lamb category i
Lines for the production of biscuits
Machine cnc
Mineral fertilizers on the species (in nutrient taken for each species (nitrogen: urea)
Muscovite mica
Pantyhose for children from cotton and mixed yarn
Pipe including electropolished
Plasma installation
Potassium carbonate 100% (potash)
Protein food microbiological
Pyrolysis of raw materials
Quality rolled
Semifinished cheese
Semi-finished meat chopped
Sets of parts of wooden boxes (drawer sets)
Skrapnye alligator
Spare parts for processing equipment for the cable industry
Stranded wire (ps)
Sucker rod pumps
Tape cassette
Technical ethyl alcohol rectified
Trucks odnokovshovyk and bucket (construction)
Tractors-type tb-1m-16
Tt - 4m -07
Wool trousers children



Subject: Production in Russia
Parameter: Condensate
Unit: Million t
Source: Rosstat
Size: 9
Format: PNG
Dimensions: 481*273
Charts - Production in Russia - Condensate


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