Air conditioners, industrial general-purpose
Albums drawing
Antibiotics derived microbiologically
Antibiotics (ready-made forms)
Basis for binding materials
Basis vianiba and viakada
Base offset
Carbamide-ammonia mixture (cas)
Cheese and cottage cheese lean mass syrkovaya
Chintz group
Child poluchulki
Cloth for handkerchiefs
Combine harvesters (complete)
Devices for safety razors
Diatoms products
Domain and steel-making equipment
Dry starch
Equipment for beekeepers (in terms of supply of commercial organizations)
Faux fur jackets
Framework for transfer printing
Fungicides 100%
Heaters pressure
Industrial robots
Injectable enzyme preparations
Linen white and half-white tight
Linen dresses
Methanol-rectified (including methanol, raw in terms of rectified)
Mill mine
Moo-2715-01 (gp 0,4 m)
Multimikrotest for identification of enterobacteria (mmt-n)
Powder doped
Seafood food produced without the work of fishing vessels
Spare parts for metallurgical equipment
Spare parts for chemical equipment, including: # import spare parts for chemical equipment
Stainless cold-rolled steel sheet
Steam capacity of 25 tons of steam per hour
Structural hot-rolled thin sheet (up to 4 mm)
Steam capacity exceeding 10 tons of steam per hour
Synthetic fatty acids c10-c16
Washing facilities
Wheelchairs for disabled


                  Rolled steel plates (4 mm)

Subject: Production in Russia
Parameter: Rolled steel plates (4 mm)
Unit: Million t
Source: Rosstat
Size: 9
Format: PNG
Dimensions: 481*273
Charts - Production in Russia - Rolled steel plates (4 mm)


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