Acoustic sound-absorbing panels
Air conditioners (regarding delivery trading organizations)
Basis for chalking
Bandages (rings) of stainless steel
Brewing malt (barley)
Canned vegetables
Cabinets for books
Circuit breakers (automatic installation)
Cold-rolled steel strip
Coal processing plants for mechanical porodovyborki
Cross shoes
Diagnosticum rickettsial prowazeki for ra, rac, phragmites
Drums and wooden reels
Dumpcars four-axle load 60 t
Electrostatic and specific types of egos and egv and filter bag
Fabrics of synthetic fibers
Fat, fish and marine mammals
Fluorotrichloromethane (cfc-ii)
Forage fish products (fish, seafood, minced food waste and feed on fish cuts
Fresh frozen semi-finished and ready meals
Fresh frozen fruits, berries, mashed pulp of fruit and berry
Gravel fraction up to 20 mm
Heat power plants tempered elektroboylernymi raoees russia
Instruments for measuring mechanical quantities
Integrated semi-conductor chips
Kamaz-4325, kamaz-5320 kamaz-53205
Knitted fabric, commodity production
Krovozameniteli and other means plazmozamenyayuschie
Materials for industrial insulation
Machine cleaning and vybivnye
Means scented bath
Milled and slouch boots from centralized resources of raw
Parquet, parquet switchboard
Pipe oil pipelines, electric-(diameter of 114-480 mm) enamelled
Pipe alloyed
Porternye tissue
Propelled vessels towing
Processing equipment for ferrous metallurgy
Recombinant vaccine against hepatitis b on the yeast strain
Roller rolling iron
Shower trays (enamel)
Steel tubes by type: oil pipeline, seamless
Vegetable juices and ovoschefruktovye
Vodka and distillery products fortress above 28%
White spirit



Subject: Production in Russia
Parameter: Sprat
Unit: T
Source: Rosstat
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Format: PNG
Dimensions: 481*273
Charts - Production in Russia - Sprat


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