50-liter bottles
50-liter bottles
Automatic hosiery
Bare wires cross section of 120 sq. mm and above for overhead cost of transmission lines on higher voltage
Bath slivkosozrevatelnye
Carboxymethyl cellulose (technical)
Cooking products
Continuous casting machine with capacity of 1 million tons or more per year
Eggs produced on board fishing vessels
Electric crane
Electric power
Electric pipe
Elektroferromarganets carbon 76%
Fasteners (bolts, nuts, screws)
Ferrochrome 60%
Forgings from ingots
Frozen fish (excluding herring)
High-strength and reinforcement ropes for concrete
In addition, the-whole-milk products, shipped for further processing
Lines for the production of confectionery products (candies, chocolates, toffee and marmalade)
Microwave ovens manufactured under license from foreign companies using imported components
Overhaul car
Pads, linings and klemmyk train reltsam
Pipes, including gas pipelines
Processing equipment for processing industries of agroindustrial complex and its spare parts
Pressure mounted to a hydraulic excavator buckets for the device of underground structures by the diaphragm wall depth of 20 m
Rennet cheese 20% and 30% zhirnsti
Rolled steel furnace vakumirovaniya
Rubber urethane (ccu)
Sets of cages for hens, chickens and broilers
Shirts blended silk fabrics, children
Sheet thickness of 3 to 4 mm
Smoked fish (without herring)
Sparkling wine materials
Sugar refined in the shallow packing
Terephthalic acid
Tea and coffee sets
Tool steel plate (4 mm)
Units for well testing
Vitamin flour from wood green
Vials for antibiotics,


                  Cotton fabrics finished, marketable production

Subject: Production in Russia
Parameter: Cotton fabrics finished, marketable production
Unit: Million linear meters
Source: Rosstat
Size: 8
Format: PNG
Dimensions: 553*273
Charts - Production in Russia - Cotton fabrics finished, marketable production


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