Basis for the binding material with a polymer coating
Blazer vlagovetrozaschitnye
Capillary alloy cov
Camcorders (tv cameras household) in the supply of commercial organizations)
Cameras for sports balls
Centrifugal pumps
Chemical fiber
Cookware aluminum extruded
Controllers balanced
Collection trucks for urban and municipal services
Devices electrovacuum
Diesel fuel
Drinks dry
Electric water heaters (for the supply of commercial organizations)
Essential oil natural
Harvesters yenisei-1200-nm
Heaters pressure
Lumber from its own raw
Machines for construction and scheduled track maintenance types ksh3, mtd, uk-25/20
Mashed potatoes and dry crackers
Machines for applying to the soil organic fertilizers
Mechanical equipment service jobs
Mentary and investment material fabric
On sections
Paper for internal and compensating layers
Panels and other structures for panel construction
Pneumatic valves on the fly (including cranes, rough terrain)
Pork stew
Products 2,5% fat
Pvc resin and vinyl chloride copolymers
Rolled low-alloy steel
Satin party
Self-propelled dry cargo vessels with a deadweight of 300 tons and above
Silicomanganese 92%
Sodium nitrite (crystalline and liquid)
Software for personal computers
Technical ethyl alcohol rectified hydrolysis
Thin-walled stainless steel pipes, electric-heat-treated one
Track machines
Volga gaz 3102-21
Woolen fabric finished, commodity production


                  Water artificially mineralized

Subject: Production in Russia
Parameter: Water artificially mineralized
Unit: Million half-liter
Source: Rosstat
Size: 7
Format: PNG
Dimensions: 481*273
Charts - Production in Russia - Water artificially mineralized


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