Ammonium sulfate
Articles of leather and leather produced from bahtarmyannogo spilka, coats, jackets
Articles of leather and leather produced from bahtarmyannogo spilka, coats, jackets
Assorted high-speed steel and its alternatives
Automatic watering for pigs
Automatic trading
Basis for thermo-paper
Backhoe bucket capacity of 0,4-0,5
Bath slivkosozrevatelnye
Buses volzhanin
Cakes and pastries
Chocolate confectionery fat soy and sweet tile
Computing and control systems (in the single-rate)
Coffee beans
Costumes vlagovetrozaschitnye
Cookers, electric household
Drinks based on vacuum-wort and concentrated juice
Drugs for the treatment of diabetes
Fish live (without herring), produced on board fishing vessels
Gravel fraction up to 20mm
Heavy upholstery fabrics
Household pc
Hoop steel (steel strip hot rolled and cold rolled)
Immunoassay test system for determining opisthorchiasis
Kormogrizin (in terms of bacitracin)
Linen jersey
Line food distribution
Narrow gauge railway track
Oil machine
Paper-axis scale (graph paper)
Pipe rolled general
Planter tractor zernokombinirovannye
Products 2,5% fat
Profile pipes for machine
Semi-frozen meat
Single therapeutic pressure chamber of an eye
Sokovarki, including electrical
Synthetic fibers and yarns
Technological equipment for mechanical engineering, trade edition (no rigging going on in-plant needs e)
Thin-walled tubes, electric-carbon with a diameter of 114 mm
The whale meat for food
The whale meat for food
Vegetable juices (sterilized)
Window blocks
Wool in terms of pure fiber


                  Beef stew

Subject: Production in Russia
Parameter: Beef stew
Unit: Million jars
Source: Rosstat
Size: 10
Format: PNG
Dimensions: 481*273
Charts - Production in Russia - Beef stew


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