Assorted stainless steel (not stainless steel pipe billet)
Basis for photo paper
Blades for safety razors
Chromium metal
City cable telephony pairing of 600 and above (in this number from)
Construction cranes tower
Coke coal gross (dry)
Dry plaster mixes for plastering
Felt hats
Fixed belt conveyors
Finished fabrics of chemical (staple fibers)
Forging machines
Household pc
Immunoassay test system for detection of antibodies to cytomegalovirus
Linoleum, polyvinylchloride, without real cause
Machines for applying the soil organic liquid fertilizer
Machines and equipment for construction and maintenance of roads
Machine cleaning and vybivnye
Molded rubber products (manufactured)
Oxygen-converter steel
Phosphatidic concentrate feed
Plastic drums
Printing paper
Products from corn and other cereals
Processing equipment for ferrous metallurgy
Pvc floor tiles
Remanufactured parts for agricultural machines and machinery and equipment for livestock and poultry breeding
Replacement types of work equipment to back-hoe-breakers for excavators
Roller rail (axle)
Self-propelled cargo ships carrying capacity of 300 tons and above
Sheet steel with polymer coating
Skimmed and buttermilk used for industrial processing in the dairy industry
Spring-type terminals zhbr
Steel pipes lined with plastics
Sulfur dioxide
Support and technical and non-self-propelled vessels
Tomatoes tselnokonservirovannye
Universal containers with a gross mass of 20 tons and more
Vermiculite bellied
White pigments


                  Iron ore (trade)

Subject: Production in Russia
Parameter: Iron ore (trade)
Unit: Million t
Source: Rosstat
Size: 10
Format: PNG
Dimensions: 481*273
Charts - Production in Russia - Iron ore (trade)


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