Anti-asthmatic and anti-histamines
And vending machines phototypesetting
Artificial soft skin
Basis for continuous forms with edge perforation
Bromine liquid technical
Concrete pump
Concrete blocks and the tubing for tunnels and barring
Cranes mixers
Derivatives of vinyl acetate
Electric radiators and electric convectors
Electric fans room
Electric water tube
Food salt iodized
Grinding powders of electrocorundum white: m40, bs3, ko7
Machine air percussion drilling
Meat and chicken
Minium lead
Nesterilizuemye (canned fish)
Normal butane
Normal-lighting bulbs
Nonwoven materials such as tissue
Paste from butyric cow milk
Pastries made of wheat flour (product weight 500 g less)
Paper industry and for household purposes, including: the selection of the capacitor
Polyurethane (spandex)
Presentation corrugated cardboard
Ready to rent (excluding production from raw material and hire, which went on industrial production needs of the manufacturer)
Round chain and sprockets to them
Seafood food produced without the work of fishing vessels
Sheet of ordinary stamps (up to 4 mm)
Sheet stainless steel (up to 4 mm)
Soft candies, chocolate
Spare parts for equipment for the building materials industry
Steel pipes lined with plastics
Sulfate slag cement
Synthetic rubber
Ural-44201, ural-44202 (gp 10 tons)
Vaz-2106 and modification
Wool trousers children
Wooden beds
Yeast from waste industrial proizodstva
Zinc sulfate


                  Spare parts for woodworking equipment

Subject: Production in Russia
Parameter: Spare parts for woodworking equipment
Unit: Million rubles
Source: Rosstat
Size: 10
Format: PNG
Dimensions: 523*273
Charts - Production in Russia - Spare parts for woodworking equipment


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