Air conditioners (regarding delivery trading organizations)
Balls handball, water polo, rugby
Basis for continuous forms with edge perforation
Basis for photo paper
Bearings recovered
Cotton dresses
Cookers, electric household
Dry plaster mixes for plastering
Feather and down products
Filters for liquid food products
Flour, feed for fish and other seafood
Foundry iron
Fruit juice concentrates
Gasket and seals from the
Geophysical instruments and equipment on vehicles
Heat transfer equipment, stainless steel
Hoop steel (steel strip hot rolled and cold rolled)
Hydrochloric acid
Linen jersey
Lines for the production of biscuits
Liquid fertilizers (in terms of 100% of nutrients)
Machine semeochistitelnye
Machines combined with watering, plow, brush and spreading equipment
Magnetic tape in terms of 6,25 mm
Measles vaccine is thermostable
Microwave devices
Penodiatomitovy brick
Press for the shoe industry
Product crafts: carpets and rugs in the selling prices
Pulled pipe for high-pressure boilers
Radio complex and stereos
Radiographic film
Remanufactured parts for cars
Sanitary cars
Silk severe
Sports shoes
Stamping press
Steel wire (carbon and alloy steels)
Synthetic rubbers special
Transmission lines and communication
Uaz-3303-01 (gp 0,8 m)
Viscose and acetate
Wellhead valves for piping oil wells


                  Cleaning products

Subject: Production in Russia
Parameter: Cleaning products
Unit: T
Source: Rosstat
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Format: PNG
Dimensions: 481*273
Charts - Production in Russia - Cleaning products


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