Automobile engines
Balyk products
Beer with a normative (standardized) content of the volume fraction of ethyl alcohol over 8.6% inclusive
Bits cone diameter 244.5 mm and more for deep-well drilling larger diameter
Cast iron sewer pipe and fittings for them
Cars with specialized bodies, tanker trucks and trailers
Canned seafood
Canvas skaternoe
Cement torque
Chains of gold and silver
Concentrate lignite
Coke in terms of 6% moisture
Electric wind power
Equipment for galvanic coatings engineering products
Feed concentrates
Fish spetsrazdelki
High-density polyethylene pipe grades
Installation drilling for geophysical and test drilling
Lamb category i
Means different fragrances
Meat, including offal 1 category with pig heads
Men's hats
Motor compressors
Mustard liquid
Needles for hand sewing
Oat dietprodukty, produced from oat
Oat dietprodukty, produced from oat
Paste from butyric cow milk
Peeled veneer
Power switches
Power cables for voltage 1 kv and above (armored)
Products winding
Products from corn and other cereals
Recombinant vaccine against hepatitis b on the yeast strain
Repair of corn, silage and forage harvesters
Rolled tube bearing
Salicylic preparations
Starch syrup
Summer subgroup
Synthetic dyes
Tires for motorcycles and scooters
Tractors type t-25, 01
Wires and cords for lighting appliances acquisition
With chain saws (for the supply of commercial organizations)


                  Product crafts: carpets and rugs in the selling prices

Subject: Production in Russia
Parameter: Product crafts: carpets and rugs in the selling prices
Unit: Million rubles
Source: Rosstat
Size: 12
Format: PNG
Dimensions: 667*273
Charts - Production in Russia - Product crafts: carpets and rugs in the selling prices


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