Bags (no children, field and special)
Basis for adhesive tape
Billet for rolling on the export
Boxes and plastic trays
Cast-in terms of pig
Cars with specialized bodies
Chemical equipment and spare parts
Coal (pure)
Crawler excavators career
Cutters and grinders for grinding meat
Cylinders of large displacement carbon (72 liters and above)
Fiber artificial
Gas oil
Glass furniture
Green tea lapsany
Hearing aids
Hydro-refining of kerosene and diesel fuel
Hydroelectricity common
Leather and cardboard gaskets from the kp-1
Leaf-speed steel and its substitutes (up to 4 mm)
Linseed oil, natural
Marmalade-marshmallow product
Mechanical equipment service jobs
Moisture-crepe (sq-22)
Pipe gas pipelines
Plain concrete products
Potash fertilizers (in terms of 100% k20)
Portland cement for the production of asbestos-cement products
Polystyrene and styrene copolymers
Pyrite flotation 45%
Screws for wood screws and metal dowels
Shubnoy sheepskin jackets, covered with a cloth
Single-line-wool worsted
Spare parts for industrial valves (gate valves, closures and stop nodes)
Stable gas condensate
Steel channels
Tube drawn general purpose
Umbrella fabric
Whole milk products from raw materials of public resources
Wire and cables rf
Wool trousers children


                  Basis for photo paper

Subject: Production in Russia
Parameter: Basis for photo paper
Unit: Million square meters
Source: Rosstat
Size: 7
Format: PNG
Dimensions: 481*273
Charts - Production in Russia - Basis for photo paper


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