Aluminum folding bed
Armco (unalloyed)
Assorted tool steel nikelesoderzhaschaya
Automatic and semiautomatic grinding
Basis for the binding material with pvc coating
Billet tube stainless nikelesoderzhaschaya
Bicycles for children
Cigarette leaf
Culinary products from poultry, including poultry
Devices for safety razors
Drink wine (grape and fruit) fortress to 20% inclusive
Electricity geothermal power utilities
Electric power
Engines for automobiles in the complete set of engineering products for interagency supplies for cars
Equipment fuel avtomobileytraktorov, agricultural machinery and motor cycles
Fancy fabric ready
Floor escalator
Frozen dairy goods (dumplings with cottage cheese and pancakes with cottage cheese, cheese cakes, etc.)
Green tea lapsany
Harvesters yenisei-1200-nm
High-alloy steels and alloys
High-pressure discharge lamps
Low-alloy steel
Machine delimbing mobile
Microwave devices electrovacuum
Mine scraper conveyor
Motor compressors
Moskvich cars (front-wheel)
Oblozhechnaya basis for notebooks for drawing
Products of artistic knitting in selling prices
Processing equipment for the production of reinforced concrete structures and components
Processing equipment for the production of chemical fibers and spare parts
Roller rolling iron
Shunting locomotives and industrial power 1200l.s. above
Smoke exhauster fans and medium-sized and large on the n13, 5 and above
Sports-wool trousers
Staple yarns
Sweet tiles on solid fat
Talcum powder
Ventilation systems for artificial finish drying hay
Washing facilities


                  Steel, smelted in the furnaces of plasma-arc remelting

Subject: Production in Russia
Parameter: Steel, smelted in the furnaces of plasma-arc remelting
Unit: T
Source: Rosstat
Size: 9
Format: PNG
Dimensions: 517*273
Charts - Production in Russia - Steel, smelted in the furnaces of plasma-arc remelting


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